Scagro A/S buys CHEMAPACK AB

On 1. January 2023, Scagro A/S acquired the Swedish-owned company CHEMAPACK AB, which repackages and sells various chemical products in smaller packaging.

Scagro A/S are now ready to produce and re-pack in our completely newly furnished premises. At present, we re-pack Fine Chemicals, e.g., Sodium and Potassium Hydroxide pellets from Nouryon as well as the products Potassium Permanganate, Sulfamic Acid, Citric Acid and various type of Oils.

With the takeover, Scagro A/S has also started an ISO 9001 certification, which is expected to be completed before the end of 2023.

“The acquisition of CHEMAPACK AB is very much in line with our experiences in re-packing of raw materials for pharma, industrial and food companies”, says Christian Jensen, CEO and owner of Scagro A/S.

Selling Sodium and Potassium Hydroxide pellets in smaller packaging is not new to Scagro A/S, which for many years has been a distributor of the products on the Danish market. The expansion thus consists of the re-packaging process itself, the expanded product range as well as sales to the Nordics and other European countries.

In the long term, it is expected to expand the product portfolio so that it will be possible to service more customers both nationally and internationally. Initially, however, the focus will be on current customers and products, where the expansion is expected to be accommodated with training of employees.

“We are now sending Ewa and Ingward to a well-deserved and well-deserved retirement, and thank them for the good cooperation over the years. We look forward to continuing the business with the same high quality that customers know from CHEMAPACK AB”, says Christian Jensen.